Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

Send me a message and let me know which spaces in your home need help, or what service you're hoping I can provide. The more detail you can give me, the better. Often I will come by and see the project(s) to get a better sense of its scope. Then we coordinate a day to get started, and your organized space is right around the corner!

What is my role while you are organizing?

It depends. I want your home to function for your everyday life, and sometimes that means we will collaborate in order to find the most effective solutions for you.

How long does it take?

Every space is different. We will typically start with a 4-hour session, adding additional days and time as needed.

Do I have to buy storage bins and such?

Sometimes additional storage containers, furniture pieces or storage systems are needed to maximize the space and make it function effectively. However, I love repurposing what you might currently have in your home, reducing waste and cost.

What is a 'Tidying Service Plan'?

With my tidying service, I come to your home on a set schedule (once a week, bi-weekly or monthly) and tidy up the pantry, home office, closets, etc., to be sure your spaces stay organized and continue to function effectively for your everyday life.

"Kelly was fabulous. She worked with what I had, repurposing some storage items in my office. And she didn't bat an eye when my 2-year-old interrupted us a million times and then plunked himself in a bin we were using. My office is now refreshed and organized and I am much more productive now! I can' wait for her to come back and do more rooms!"

-Mom of 3 in Rowley

"Kelly was quick and resourceful with her planning and organizing. She cleaned out old, unnecessary items and made the more frequently used items more accessible. Great work all around!"

-Meg in Newbury


"Kelly organized my closet (which hasn't been done for years) and completed the task efficiently while offering many stylish and practical solutions. I look forward to booking her again!"

-Lana in Boxford

"Kelly was amazing! She reorganized my entire kitchen, and it actually makes sense now. It's beautiful and I love cooking again!"

-Mary in Lexington